Outbound Immigration Services

photoD2_OutboundImmOur firm works extensively with our multi-national corporate clients to analyze and capitalize upon their global human capital that often involves short-term or long-term assignments in countries around the world.  Accordingly, in addition to our comprehensive inbound immigration services for organizations, Palmer Polaski offers Outbound Immigration services for clients who need to manage the international transfer and employment of workers around the world.  We understand the difficulty inherent in sending employees abroad, both for short term and long term assignments. To simplify this process, Palmer Polaski offers a comprehensive Outbound Visa program that provides outstanding service to our corporate clients, human resources professionals and individual employees to make the transfer process as simple as possible.  We help our clients through the transfer process by providing information, guidance and assistance on specific country matters for the movement and relocation of employees.

It is our belief that strategic analysis and pre-planning can greatly facilitate the international transfer of employees.  We recommend creating a survey of potential target countries and then assembling information as to the visa requirements for each country.  This allows managers and executives to have a pre-understanding of visa requirements before making a decision regarding a short-term or long-term placement in a different country.  We can also ascertain in advance the most efficient manner for obtaining visas, including identifying local counsel whose services can be used to expedite the process.  By handling both inbound and outbound visa issuance we can provide comprehensive global immigration services to our corporate clients.


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