Frequently Asked Employment Based Permanent Residence Questions

Can I Get Permanent Residence through Employment?

A large percentage of our work at Stern Elkind Curray & Alterman involves obtaining permanent residence (“Green Card”) through employment. There are a number of different categories for seeking permanent residence through employment. During a consultation appointment, we explore the different employment-based permanent resident options to determine which approach will work best for the specific client.

At the End of the Process, Will I get a “Green Card”?

Yes. “Green Card” is a slang expression for Form I-551, which is evidence of permanent residence. The card is actually white, although it was green at one time. “Green Cards” are generally valid for ten years, and can be renewed.

Could I Lose My Permanent Residence After It’s Granted?

Yes. If you:

  • Commit certain crimes
  • Remain outside the U.S. for extended periods of time, or
  • Become a “public charge”


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