Retaining Our Firm/Legal Fees

After the initial consultation, if we believe that we can assist you, we will propose a fee agreement for our services. Every individual or organization becomes a client of our firm only after signing a fee agreement and paying an initial deposit or retainer. The attorney you meet with will quote you a fee or fees for our services. Our office handles most legal matters on a “flat fee” basis. A flat fee is where one pays a set fee for the service provided regardless of how long it may take for the firm to complete the matter. Our office also charges for some matters on an “hourly fee” basis. In general, most matters involving representation in immigration court or other federal court are billed on an hourly basis. We do so because it is very difficult to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the matter when in court. For court cases, our firm will require an initial retainer upon hiring our firm. All client fees paid to the firm, whether on an hourly or flat fee case, are placed into a trust account until they are earned. Please note that only Palmer Polaski attorneys can quote fees after a careful examination and evaluation of your case. Palmer Polaski non-attorneys cannot quote legal fees.


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