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Palmer Polaski provides comprehensive legal services in the areas of employment and family-based immigration, removal defense, and asylum and refugee law. We take a personalized approach to each and every case, using our considerable experience in the field to analyze and evaluate all immigration options available to our clients. Once our firm has been retained to assist you through a signed fee agreement, your case is assigned to a team comprised of one attorney and one paralegal. The team assigned to your case will remain your primary points of contact throughout the process.

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Initial Case Review & Consultations

When you contact Palmer Polaski for the first time by telephone, e-mail, or through our website, you will be able to explain your situation to a member of our team so we can determine which attorney can best assist you in your situation. We will then schedule you for an initial consultation.

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Retaining Our Firm/Legal Fees

After the initial consultation, if we believe that we can assist you, we will propose a fee agreement for our services. Every individual or organization becomes a client of our firm only after signing a fee agreement and paying an initial deposit or retainer. The attorney you meet with will quote you a fee or fees for our services. Our office handles most legal matters on a “flat fee” basis. A flat fee is where one pays a set fee for the service provided regardless of how long it may take for the firm to complete the matter.

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Communicating and Working With Our Firm

Once you have signed a fee agreement and paid the initial deposit or retainer, you are now a client of the firm and your case will be assigned to an attorney and paralegal team. In most cases, we will require additional information and/or documentation from you in order to get your case started. We employ various procedures to collect your information and documents including electronic questionnaires and other forms.

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Dual Representation

Many immigration matters involve a situation referred to as “dual representation.” In the world of immigration, dual representation occurs when there is both a petitioner (U.S. employer or petitioning family member) and a beneficiary (the sponsored employee or family member). The matter is considered “dual representation” because the filing of any immigration paperwork has legal implications for both parties.

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Tips On Hiring An Immigration Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating, confusing, and even frustrating process. Before hiring an attorney, it is important to do your homework. Find out as much as you can about an attorney before signing a contract.

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