DHS Releases Its Strategy to Secure the Northern Border

While significant attention is given to the U.S.-Mexico border, our northern border with Canada still merits attention and security. DHS recently released its Northern Border Strategy to secure the 5,525-mile border, the longest land boundary between two countries in the world. The terrain on the border varies widely according to location and seasonal weather patterns, presenting unique challenges in security. DHS reports that approximately 400,000 people and over $1.6 billion in goods cross the northern border daily through more than 120 ports of entry. To facilitate the safe, secure, and efficient flow of goods and people, DHS has committed over 3,600 CBP officers, 2,200 Border Patrol agents, 180 CBP agriculture specialists, 230 CBP Air and Marine personnel, 1,300 ICE special agents, and 8,000 Coast Guard personnel.

The Northern Border Strategy addresses the full spectrum of border-related issues including: preventing terrorism and criminal threats, disrupting illicit border activity; leveraging intelligence and information sharing; facilitating legal trade and travel; promoting continued joint cross-border operations, exercises, and programs with partners; and supporting cross-border resiliency efforts for shared resources and critical infrastructure. DHS will use this strategy to prioritize their resources over the next five years, when the Northern Border Strategy will be reviewed and updated.


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