DOS Authorizes Consular Officers to Waive Interviews for Certain Nonimmigrants

On December 23, DOS authorized consular officers to waiver through the end of 2022 the in-person interview requirement for those applying for H-1, H-3, H-4, L, O, P and Q visas. Such applicants must meet certain conditions: possess a petition approved by USCIS, apply for the visa in their country of nationality or residence, and have never been refused a visa unless the refusal was overcome or waived. Applicants also must have no apparent or potential ineligibility. First- time applications who have traveled to the U.S. on ESTA are also eligible for the interview waiver. J, F, and M nonimmigrants are also eligible. Applicants are encouraged to check the website of the relevant US embassy or consulate to confirm the level of services currently offered and to find guidelines for applying for a visa without an interview.


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