Expedite Requests Can Be Helpful Tools to Obtaining Faster Adjudications

While adjudication times for immigration benefits can take several months to several years to decide, an applicant or petitioner can request that USCIS expedite the processing of an application or petition. These expedite requests will be considered by USCIS on a case-by-case basis and is entirely up to the discretion of USCIS.

USCIS can grant an expedite request for the following reasons: (1) severe financial loss; (2) urgent humanitarian reasons and emergencies; (3) nonprofit organizations petitioning on behalf of beneficiary’s performing an urgent and needed role; or (4) U.S. government agencies with urgent public safety or national security needs. When the expedite request is made on behalf of a U.S. governmental agency, a senior official must make the request.

USCIS may also grant expedited processing due to clear USCIS error. Generally, USCIS will not consider an expedited request for a petition or application where premium processing is available.

Unlike premium processing, there is no filing fee to submit an expedite request. An expedite request can be made to USCS by reaching out to USCIS customer service via phone or chat. The USCIS representative will note the reasons expedited processing is being requested and will submit that request for review. USCIS may request documentary evidence in support of the expedite request. USCIS will usually issue a response to the expedite request within 7 business days, but can take longer if needed.


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