Government Proposing Retaliatory Restrictions on Chinese Student Visas

As the Trump Administration continues to take a hardline stance toward China in the sphere of free trade and open markets, the Department of State is considering limiting the issuance of F-1 visas to Chinese nationals. A June 11, 2018 proposal is a direct response to China’s alleged intellectual property violations. There has been no formal policy release yet, though DOS may limit visas to just one year on a case-by-case basis for Chinese graduate students studying in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. There also will likely be additional clearances for Chinese nationals seeking work visas through certain U.S. companies that handle sensitive material. As part of his national security strategy, President Trump indicated that the Administration would review visa procedures and, more specifically, “consider restrictions on foreign STEM students from designated countries to ensure that intellectual property is not transferred to our competitors.”


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