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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Updates Certain Immigration Forms

From July 2022 through August 2022, USCIS announced edition updates to many immigration forms. These include updates to Form I-485, Form I-485, Supplement A, Adjustment of Status under section 245(i), Form I-601, Form I-693, Form I-602, among many more.

USCIS’s website should be reviewed regularly to identity the acceptable form edition for a particular application/petition. The edition date is found at the bottom of the form’s page. USCIS’s website outlines which edition date(s) of a particular form it accepts. Typically, USCIS will continue to accept older editions of a particular form until a specified date, but the Service will outright reject applications/petitions if the incorrect edition of a form is used beyond that date. In such cases, USCIS will mail the application/petition back for resubmission. This can significantly delay the processing of a case since USCIS can take weeks and sometimes months to return an application/petition. The delay can be detrimental for certain foreign nationals with time-sensitive cases, such as those requesting a reentry permit or work permit, or those who face a status deadline.

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