Unprecedented Delays in Issuing Receipt Notices for Asylum Application Filings

On July 28, 2022, USCIS acknowledged that it was not issuing receipt notices in a timely manner for asylum applications. Considering that asylum applications must be filed within one year of the applicant’s arrival, the delay in issuing a receipt notice could cause a monumental obstacle if the application is rejected. The failure in issuing a receipt notice also creates an additional obstacle in obtaining work authorization, as asylum applicants must prove that their application has been pending for 180 days to be eligible to obtain work with a work permit. Without the receipt notice, an asylum applicant has no proof the application is pending.

Fortunately, USCIS allows asylum applications to be filed electronically, immediately acknowledging receipt of the application. Reportedly, this has also led to a prompt issuance of a paper receipt notice as well.


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