USCIS to Eliminate Self-Scheduling InfoPass Appointments by End of September

USCIS wants to eliminate the way in which customers can use InfoPass. Currently, in most jurisdictions, an individual who wants to discuss his or her case with an immigration representative can make an appointment online through the InfoPass system, assuming an appointment is available. But appointments have become harder and harder to obtain and often are unavailable for weeks on end. To solve this problem, USCIS instituted its Information Services Modernization Program, which involves the elimination of self-scheduling InfoPass appointments and requires individuals to first contact the USCIS Contact Center. Under the Information Services Modernization Program, if it is determined that an applicant needs in-person assistance, personnel at the USCIS Contact Center will help schedule an appointment without the individual having to search for available timeslots. Based on surveys and other data, USCIS determined that most people who made in-person information service appointments through InfoPass could have received the same information by calling the USCIS Contact Center or checking the USCIS website.

After piloting the Information Services Modernization Program in March, USCIS expanded the new system to the Detroit Field Office and five offices in the Los Angeles District, and will continue expansion to field offices in Newark, the Great Lakes, and the San Francisco districts. USCIS anticipates expanding the program to all remaining field offices by the end of FY2019 (i.e., 9/30/2019) to completely remove self-scheduled InfoPass appointments.


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